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Maximise Your Walk By Incorporating These Simple Tricks


Are you being sufficiently challenged by your walking workouts? In order to improve your fitness level and continue getting results, it’s a good idea to keep changing your routine and make your body work in new ways. Maximise your walk by incorporating the below simple tricks.

Recent research show that taking a 30-minute walk, five days a week can help you live longer.

Regular cardiovascular exercise have long been hailed and include benefits such as lower risk of heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes. Furthermore, It helps improve bone health and overall physical function.

Next time you lace up your sneakers to head out for a sweat session, try one of these simple ways to increase your calorie burn and amp up your daily walk:


Vary Your Speed

If you find yourself walking at the same pace day in and day out, adding music or bringing a fast-moving buddy could be the perfect motivator to pick up the pace.

A study from 2015 found that varying your speed while waking can significantly increase energy cost and thereby the number of calories you burn. Pay attention to your speed while you walk – start slow and gradually move faster and more challenging.

You can also include some interval segments of faster walking. Set goals to walk in a specific pace towards a single block or light pole, before slowing down to a moderate tempo.

Always maintain good posture and use your arms as you increase speed. 


Add Weights

While it’s not really a good idea to use ankle weights when you walk there are lots of other great options.

Wear an Adjustable Weighted Vest, which will add resistance to your center of gravity and increase the intensity of your walk.

Another great alternative is to carry hand weights. The American Council of Exercise estimates that carrying 1- to 3-pound hand weights can increase your heart rate by around 5-10 beats per minute. Inexpensive dumbbells are easy to find and can give great results.

Simply carry one in each hand as you walk, pumping your arms in a continuous motion. It does not need to an exaggerated movement, but rather it should involve a more natural approach.


Try Incline

If you always tend to keep with flat terrain for the entire walk, try to seek out a place to walk with incline. You’ll notice immediate cardio benefits and as your body will work harder, your metabolism will speed up and last longer.

Use the same mindset and strategy as you would to vary your speed. Throw in some hills to force your body to adapt and shift from one effort level to another. By choosing a hilly route, you will keep your body guessing as you navigate different gradients.

This will lead to a greater number of calories burned, than a walk on flat terrain.

There’s a reason that walking is one of the most beneficial and universal forms of exercise in the world—it’s low-impact, free and almost everyone can do it. So get out there, get your steps in and walk yourself into better shape.


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