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High Intensity Leg Workout! (At Home)

Fitness Weight Loss Workout

High Intensity Leg Workout! (At Home)


High intensity workouts are paramount to building lean muscles, and also helps in weight loss – but the exercises you pick are almost equally important. Squats, deads and presses are all solid options, but a little creativity can help achieve better results faster and more effective with the use of Home Workout.

The key is combining the right movements and avoiding useless hybrids, like Bosu ball lunges with twisting lateral raises (don’t ask). The exercises listed below provide all the bang you could hope for, do not require any equipment and can be performed anywhere, anytime.

Some of the exercises below can seem a bit advanced and require focus and balance, but when properly executed, they can be tremendously efficient!
Remember – every exercise is about QUALITY not QUANTITY!


1. Jump Squats

Our all-time favorite exercise for legs – jump squats help develop your quads and calves while keeping your body tone.


  1.  Stand with your feet shoulder with apart.
  2. Squat down a ¼ of your normal range.
  3. Do a light jump, just elevating your feet above ground.
  4. Land safely
  5. Repeat

Try our high intensity Tabata jump squat training, consisting of 8 sets – 20 seconds jump squats with 10 second rest between each set.


2. Reverse Lunge to Small Kick

The Reverse Lunge, or Step-Back Lunge, is an under-appreciated variation of a popular leg exercise. It’s great for developing an athletic lower body, perfect for any sport requiring speed and power and again – can be done anywhere at anytime.


  1. Begin in a standing position with your feet at shoulder-width apart and hands hanging at your sides.
  2. Initiate the movement by taking a step to the rear, allowing your hips and knees to flex to lower your body. Descend until your knee nearly touches the ground. Use a slow and controlled motion, paying special attention to proper mechanics and posture.
  3. Bring leg up and do a small, low kick (about half of the image below) and slowly return to your starting position.
  4. This movement can be done completely on one side before switching, or can be performed in an alternating fashion.

High intensity Tabata workout – 4 sets with 30 seconds on each leg and 10 seconds rest between sets.


3. Bulgarian Jump Squat

Bulgarian Jump Squat, or Bulgarian Split Squat as they are also referred to, is an advanced exercise with more isolated focus on quads and calves.


  1. Stand approximately one to two feet from a bench or chair. Place the top of one of your feet on the top of the surface.
  2. Your head should be looking straight ahead. Keep your abdominals tight breath in as you bend your front knee to lower your body down as far you can. Keep your shoulders back and chest out.
  3. You are now in the starting position.
  4. Forcefully drive from the heel pushing your body up. Create enough momentum that you perform a SMALL jump, (jump should be small enough so that your other foot touches the chair/bench the whole time).
  5. Quickly lift your foot. Once your foot leaves the ground immediately place it into the receiving position.
  6. When you return to the ground, immediately begin bending the knee returning to the bottom position. When you are at the bottom pause for one to two seconds.
  7. Repeat for the desired number or repetitions and then switch legs and repeat.

High intensity Tabata workout – 4 sets with 30 seconds on each leg and 10 seconds rest between sets.


4. Mountain Climber

After 3 high intensity exercises focused on legs, lets finish of by getting your core and glutes involved.


  1. Place your hands slightly wider than shoulder distance apart or on the edges of your bench/chair. Bring your body into plank position and engage your abdominals.
  2. Bring one knee in towards your chest then switch feet and draw the other knee in alternating back and forth quickly like you are running.

High intensity Tabata workout – 8 sets, 20 seconds each and 10 seconds rest between sets.


Include a 2 – 3 minute break between each exercise and you’ll have a 20 minute workout routine, to smash your lower body! 


Happy Leg Day – anywhere, anytime, no excuses! 🙂


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