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Pre-Workout | Benefits & Our Top Picks

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Pre-Workout | Benefits & Our Top Picks


There are plenty of different pre-workout supplements on the market. They boost sports performance and help achieve optimal levels of training.

Pre-workout supplements are designed to support increased energy, focus, and endurance for your training.

A typical pre-workout might contain a single ingredient or it could be a mix of up to several ingredients. Research is needed for you to choose the best option for you. In this article we have listed our top 5 picks and how they can be beneficial for your training.


Modern Pre-Workout

Whereas, in the past, a cup of coffee could be considered an energiser the modern pre-workout era has changed significantly.

Companies are investing more and more into the research to produce amazing and ground breaking products.

Pre-workout supplements could contain creatine as well as other ingredients in proprietary blends. We take a closer look at what all ingredients might constitute to a good pre-workout supplement.

Note: Not all companies might not have the same product formula and ingredients lists vary.


1. Creatine Complex:

Creatine is known for giving strength and size. Major brands still add creatine as an active and important ingredient, and creatine complexes might have one or more variations of creatine.


2. Amino Acids Complex:

BCAAs as well as other amino acids are added to support metabolism. They also help in transportation of fluids and minerals, boost energy and aid concentration.

Furthermore, BCAAs are very beneficial as a pre-workout ingredient as they promote muscle protein synthesis. Other Amino Acids have different advantages – read about those benefits here.


3. Vitamin-B Complex:

Pre-workouts might contain an array of B-Vitamins. These play an important role in maintaining body’s metabolism and promoting energy.


4. Stimulant Complex:

The stimulant complex is the one that is the power punch behind any pre-workout formula.

The stimulant complex provides energy and strength during the workout.

It might contain an array of individual components including caffeine, betaine and beta-alanine.


5. Endurance Complex:

To survive a gruesome workout, the body needs endurance. For this, creatine along with citrulline works well. Most brands don’t add citrulline, but it’s a powerful ingredient which helps in getting the Nitric Oxide released.


6. Pump Complex:

Every guy wants a great pump. Arginine is the key player in the synthesis of Nitric Oxide, which helps create that pump. Other ingredients that increase the rate of NO production are AKG and L-Histamine.



Benefits of Using Pre-Workout

  • Builds More Muscle

BCAA is a primary component for muscle gains particularly Leucine. Leucine increases the rate of MPS (Muscle Protein Synthesis) which in turn enables the possibilities for more muscle production.


  • Fat Loss

Pre-workout containing Caffeine helps in burning fat at a greater rate during a workout. Caffeine is an active ingredient in fat burners as well.

Furthermore, caffeine promotes strength and alertness after consumption.

Note: It is recommended not to consume caffeine based supplement within 6-8 hours of sleep.


  • Pump

Pre-workout supplements ensure that you have a long lasting muscular pump. The bigger the pump , the more Nitric Oxide production.


  • Power, Energy and Focus

Creatine along with caffeine and other proprietary blends is responsible for that long lasting power.

Increased focus is usually assisted by the B-Vitamins and caffeine.



Our Top Picks

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