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Protein Shakes & Weight Loss

Nutrition Weight Loss

Protein Shakes & Weight Loss


When it comes to Protein shakes, many manufacturers create ads in which they claim their protein shakes or products will help decrease your body fat or help with overall weight loss if this is your goal. Although this may seem really tempting, does it mean you should still drink these protein shakes if you wish to lose weight?
Lets dive in and have a closer look at our picks for
the best Protein Shakes for weight loss.

Whey protein scoupe. Sports nutrition.

A protein shake is designed to be a simple and fast meal replacement to an individual who might need more protein during their day, or who simply has a hard time eating enough meals.

Real and whole food options are always a better option and should never be directly replaced for a protein shake or supplement product.

So how would protein shakes actually benefit someone who is trying to lose weight?

The Protein Shake will help replace a meal or simply be another way to add calories and protein into ones diet. As shakes are easy and quick to make – and is a drinkable meal, a protein shake will help you, not only to get anywhere from 15-30g of protein, (depending on the protein supplement), but also allow that person to remain full for a long period of time.

Liquid meals or substances will enter the stomach faster than solid food and take up more volume in the stomach, which is why we often feel so bloated after we drink a decent amount of any liquid in general.

There are also many other benefits, such as:

  • Protein Shakes Can Replace Carbs to Speed up Weight Loss.
    Carbohydrates gives you an immediate energy boost which allows you to work harder. Protein on the other hand, takes longer time to be digested before it can give you energy, making it a better source for the long term.
  • Protein Destroy Calories and Aid Slimming Process.
    Some protein – like Whey Protein – is thermogenic, meaning it burns alot of calories in your body, and gives you healthy, strong muscles. Protein contains amino acids which stimulates fatty acid oxidation and burn calories – which is essential for weight loss.
  • Protein Shakes Can Help Control Your Appetite.
    If you’re not yet full, but dont want to eat anymore, the right protein can be the equalizer you’re looking for. Protein can bring down levels of Gherlin, the hormone that stimulates the sensation of hunger. Furthermore, Whey Protein stimulates Cholecystokinin – an intestinal hormone that gives you the sensation of being full.
  • Protein Shakes are a Healthy Convenience Food.
    A protein shake can not replace a balanced diet, but it can be a healthier alternative than your microwave, ready-made meals or a greasy burger at the drive-thru.

Protein Shakes can decrease your appetite by affecting your hunger hormones. It can also help you feel full for longer, which can help you eat less and lose body fat!


Which Type of Protein is Best?

Different types of protein have different effects on the body. The exsact type of protein powder you have in your shakes should not make a major difference for fat loss.
Our favorite is whey protein, but various research and evidence show that results are mixed.

For instance, whey protein is more quickly absorbed than casein, helping you feel less hungry in the short-term – we recommend 20gram per serving, twice per day, for weight loss purposes.

Some other favorites, specifically for weight loss, are:

Diet Whey Protein Isolate

Diet Whey Isolate 95

Whey Advanced – High in Amino Acid.

Diet Protein Truffles – Great alternative, if you’re looking for something else than powder.

– Drink up and stay healthy! 🙂


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