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Train Like Dwayne Johnson [The Rock]


Dwayne Johnson’s life looks pretty epic. Based on his workout routine, it also has to be highly exhausting!

After getting absolutely jacked with his Hercules and Baywatch workouts, he has been steadily releasing a new set of workouts for Jumanji.

The new workout has been given the nickname, #InsideIronParadise, in a series of posts on his Under Armour Record account.

The workout look absolutely brutal. Read on if you think you’re up for the challenge.

About The Workouts

Dwayne Johnsons trainer, Dave Rienzi, has been working with the 41-year old since before his days in wrestlemania and has been designing his workouts ever since.

“He loves to train so you struggle to keep him out of the gym,” Rienzi says.

“When I started working with [Johnson], he was spending too much time in the gym, which is a little counter productive. I had to limit him to a really intense 45-60 minutes.”

Since mid-October, The Rock has listed five workout routines relavent to the #InsideIronParadise series. Each program focused on one or two mucle groups.

  1. Back & Abs.
  2. Chest & Calves.
  3. Legs.
  4. Shoulders.
  5. Arms.

The routines are fairly classic bodybuilder program with a strong focus on volume and isolation designed to hit larger muscle groups. He’s a big fan of cable exercises, and likes to switch up his grip positioning to make the most of each movement.

Things To Note:

Before you begin, there are a few things we would like to highlight in regards to this particular program:

  • Dwayne Johnson does not include the weights he is using. Ensure you lift according to your personal competence and do not overdo it! Train to Improve, not to Prove!
  • The workouts containe a large amount of volume. Ensure you choose a weight you can handle throguhout the desDay 1ignated reps and sets. Keep track of your performance so you know wether to go up, or down in weight next time.
  • Ensure you are properly rested and have had a good meal before engaging in the program. It is also recommended to have a protein supplement ready after training to optimise results.

Day 1 – Back & Abs

ExerciseSetsRepititionsRest Between Sets
Pullups315 each set30 - 60 seconds
Reverse-Grip Cable Pulldown512 each set30 seconds
One-Arm Dumbbell Row312 each set
Pause at the top of each rep for 2 seconds
30 - 60 seconds
Charles Glass-Style Hammer High Row412 each set30 seconds
A) Wide-Grip Cable Rows
B) Rope Pulldowns
412 reps each exercise,
each set
45 seconds between superset
Barbell Shrugs420 each set30 seconds
Rope Crunched (Abs)320 each set60 seconds
Hyperextentions320 each set60 seconds

Day 2 – Chest & Calves

ExerciseSetRepetitionsRest Between Sets
Incline Dumbbell Press31045 seconds
Flat Dumbbell Press (Palms facing each other)31260 seconds
Incline Flyes41245 seconds
Cable Crossover (high to low)32045 seconds
Cable Crossover (low to high).32045 seconds
Standing Calf Raise35060 seconds
Leg Press Calf Raise32060 seconds
Single Leg Standing Calf Raise w/ Dumbbell32060 seconds

Day 3 – Legs

ExerciseSetRepetitionsRest Between Sets
Leg Extension32090 seconds
Leg Press42590 seconds
Single Leg Press32090 seconds
Dumbbell lunges (walking)32090 seconds
Lying Leg Curls41590 seconds
Romanian Deadlift (overhand grip)31290 seconds
Side Plank3Hold for 60 seconds60 seconds

Day 4 – Shoulders

ExerciseSetRepetitionsRest Between Sets
Seated Lateral Raise520 90 seconds
Dumbbell Shoulder Press22060 seconds
Side Lateral Raise Superset22090 seconds
Cable Side Lateral Raise (shift between arms)2 on each arm20No rest

Day 5 – Arms

ExerciseSetRepetitionsRest Between Sets
Barbell Curls310-1560 seconds
Preacher Curls38-1245 seconds
Close Grip Cable Curls78-1230 seconds
Reverse Grip Pushdowns (V-bar)78-1230 seconds
Skull Crushers38-1290 seconds
A) Rope Pushdown
B) Leaning Rope Extension
2 each exerices2090 seconds between superset

There you have it! Five days worth of heafty, intense training as The Rock himself would do it. The two remaining days of the week is designated for rest, but if you’re willing to put in some cardio – be our guest.

Keep Training and Stay Fit 🙂


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